Getting Started with RCR Open Review


The best review of a draft will be awarded with the "Review of Communication Research Best Open Review Award". Register and participate.


On the left, you find the links that address to the different sections. Below there is a brief explanation of each of them.


2' Videos

You are invited to watch the videos that we have prepared for you. One of them explains the differences between the two article formats we publish. The other video explains the process to publish a state-of-the-literature article.



Evaluation of manuscripts is a relevant task in the editorial process. It is crucial to assure an high-quality output that all the participants in this process are scholars. Therefore, we need to implement an easy and fast registration process. It takes few minutes--or seconds--to register. Once you have confirmed your institutional email address, you will be able to log in.



Login will allow you to download the manuscripts on open review from both our traditional literature reviews (we call them "literature insights") and state-of-the-literature drafts. Please, note that it is necessary to log in to publish reviews in the open review for state-of-literature articles only. You do not need to log in to publish a review in the other sections (i.e., drafts of literature insight, published articles).


Drafts of Literature Insights

This link brings you to the drafts of our traditional literature reviews that are under evaluation in RCR. We call them "literature insights" to distinguish them from "state-of-literature" articles. You can download the drafts if you are logged in, and add a review even without login. Please, use your username or real name when you write the review.


State-of-the-Literature (SoL) Drafts

This link will bring you to the state-of-literature drafts. These drafts require two scholars to give a positive review before they can run the next step of the process, the standard peer-review process. You need to log in both to download the draft and to publish a review.


Published Literature Insights and State of the Literature (SoL)

By clicking on these links you can access the articles we have published, state-of-literature articles and our traditional literature reviews articles (we call them "literature insights"). You are invited to review them. It is not necessary to log in to publish a review or a comment.

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